A Species Appropriate Diet

The secret to a happy, healthy, carnivore pet!

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One of our puppies eating raw - he's so happy he's crying, lol...

Here are some of our choices from Tara's Schnauzers to help cut out the confusion and make it easier for feeding a raw diet:

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We get it – feeding raw meat can be gross and not so convenient.

Today there are so many options, here are a few brands that we can feel good about recommending:


We all want to feed our best friend the best dog food out there, but for some of us, the poop can be the deciding factor. If you’ve ever had to deal with large piles of messy, smelly, mushy dog poop on a street corner or sidewalk, you know what we’re talking about.

RAW WILD™ – Raw dog food dogs typically expel a little handful of small, firm pellets twice a day.

That’s worth repeating…

RAW WILD™ – Raw dog food dogs typically expel a little handful of small, firm pellets twice a day.

That’s because RAW WILD™ – Raw Dog Food has no grains, rice, corn or fillers that dogs’ digestive systems are not designed to process.

Health-changing for your dog? Certainly.

Life-changing for you? Definitely.

There are all kinds of pleasures to be found in the wild.


Premium Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

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√ Supports Healthy Gums and Teeth
√ Helps Maintain Healthy Digestion
√ Helps Maintain Healthy Weight
√ Supports a Strong Immune System
√ Supports Overall Health

If You Know TruDog…

Then you know that we’re just as proud about what’s NOT in our products!


Rawgo™ is the new standard in premium species-appropriate raw dog food. Most traditional kibbles are processed at high heat temperatures and infused with artificial nutrients and preservatives. Rawgo™ uses only gently air-dried raw premium cuts of meat, fruits, and vegetables to retain nature’s wholesome nutrients. Rawgo™ provides the meaty aroma and taste your dog loves as a dry or rehydrated complete meal.

TruDog’s Rawgo™ is a dehydrated raw meat based premium dog food that’s easy to feed.  Using only high quality select cuts of real meat and fresh wholesome herbs and veggies, Rawgo™ is the ideal diet for discerning dogs.


You asked for an affordable raw dog food option and we searched high and low. We had to go all the way to New Zealand to find a more affordable option without sacrificing quality. Rawgo™ by TruDog- the first dehydrated raw dog food that lives up to TruDog’s exacting standards.

  • No GMOs (genetically modified organism), grains or fillers
  • No by-products
  • No high-heat processing
  • Formulated by holistic veterinarians and canine nutritionists

2.2 lbs. of Rawgo! makes up to 6 lbs. of food when rehydrated!