Or: What's a healthy, happy, gorgeous puppy worth to you?

Puppy prices – why so “high”!?!

I see people happily going into puppy stores these days looking at puppies to purchase.
These people don’t balk at the price of the puppy, which is considerable!
But I see people balking at “high” prices from breeders thinking we’re over priced
and need to come down in cost.

We pay what everyone else pays at the Vet. We don’t get discounts – I surely don’t! Veterinary costs have skyrocketed! If the price of my pup is too much for you – guaranteed the Vet is too!
I have the same overhead as a pet store. I provide a roof, safe housing, food, water, vaccines, etc. just like the puppy stores do.
I wait months between litters. Taking care of the parents, a roof, a bed, food, grooming, and LOTS of love.
These puppy stores get their puppies from people who don’t love on their dogs or the puppies. Their dogs are kept in cages and only used for breeding. These puppies are often sickly due to lack of proper care, often times fearful – and yet, still high prices!
My puppies come to you very well socialized to family life. They grow up in the hub of the house – the kitchen. They are held, loved on, played with and enjoyed immensely! We have other dogs and a cat for them to hang out with. My kids and their friends come by to play with them. My puppies are sure the world revolves around them. 
For the price of my puppies, which I have only 2 to 4 litters a year at this point because I only have 2 males and 2 females right now, you are getting a bargain! Many, many years of love, joy and happiness.
And I take a LOT of pride in how pretty AND healthy my babies are too! I love how gorgeous they are. I’ve been doing this over 15 years now, I’m not saying I know it all, but I have learned a LOT – and you are benefiting from my many years of experience.  Just as in the job world, you’d expect a pay raise for your many years of knowledge in your area of expertise.

If my puppies are too expensive for you, I understand, and you know what, there are lots of rescues and shelters full of puppies at cheap prices needing loving homes. I’m not against that at all. We currently have a rescue and have had LOTS of rescues over the years. So if price is an issue, I feel that rescues and shelters are a win/win for owner and pet!
From me and my puppies – you’ll get an amazing, loving, well-adjusted, gorgeous fur-baby that you can enjoy for many years to come. And I think, for that, you are getting a HUGE bargain!